Computers4Christians Chapters are needed everywhere and we greatly encourage their formation. If you believe God can use you to reach the lost and disciple the saved through a Computers4Christians in your area, please read the Chapter Guide (PDF) below to see how it works.

PURPOSE [AND OBJECTIVES] As one part of the Body of Christ, we seek to lead unbelievers to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture believers in discipleship. Computers4Christians collects worn computers; freely given, by Christians and others. We wipe the hard drives of all previous information, mix and match parts, and make working machines we then load with our own Christian version of a Linux Operating System (currently the C4C Lubuntu ReSpin). We then give these "born-again" computers away for free to whomever requests one in an area we serve.

Tux Angel

SECULAR PURPOSE with old computers gathering dust as individuals, government entities, churches, corporations and small businesses upgrade; the reusing of surplus computers makes good sense. We help keep unwanted computers out of landfills and keep organizations from having to actually pay to be rid of older technology. Once refurbished and freely given away; a C4C computer offers the recipient useful secular software that may enable them to better communicate with others, research, organize, find a (better) job, help their child(ren) with homework, homeschool their child(ren), go to school themselves, start a business, etc.