When Removable Media (USB flash drive, CD, DVD, digital camera, phone, etc.) is inserted in the computer, a dialog box will appear asking what you'd like to do.

Removable Medium Audio CD

When choosing to open the removable media with an application, or open the removable media itself (to work with the files inside), you’ll be "mounting" whatever it is. Exceptions are when you’ll be writing to a CD or DVD, or (re-)formatting a USB drive. In those cases, you’ll want to chose Cancel.

Removable Medium USB Flash Drive
Removable media should be unmounted before physically removing it from the computer. Click the "eject" symbol that appears to the right of the removable media's icon and wait a few seconds before physically removing it from the computer. Alternatively; Right-click the removable media's icon in and select "Eject Removable Media" or "Unmount Volume" from the drop-down menu.

remove removable media

The popularity of Android phones in the last several years has made Linux the most used general purpose Operating System (OS) in the world. And connecting an Android phone with the C4C Lubuntu ReSpin is easy. Start by plugging the phone into an open USB port on the computer.

Mount Android

Open the Android phone in the File Manager and double-click the Phone (or, some phones may call it Internal Storage) icon.

Double-Click Phone

PHOTOS The photos taken by an Android phone (or, really any form of digital camera) are stored in a folder called DCIM; an acronymn for Digital Camera IMages.  Double-click the DCIM folder.

Then double click the folder called Camera to access the photos taken by the camera on your phone (Videos will also be in this same folder).


Select photos with a click and drag of the mouse cursor, select some by holding down the [Ctrl] key and clicking only the ones you want, or select one and then press [Ctrl]+[A] to get them all.

Select Photos

Copy to leave the photos on the phone, or Cut to delete the photos from your phone immediately after moving them.


Paste the photos in the Pictures folder (or wherever you so choose) in your computer.

MUSIC Music is stored on an Android phone in the aptly named Music folder.

Music folder

MP3 music may be copied, cut and pasted in and out of the Android's Music folder from and to your computer (in your computer's Music folder if you like) as you see fit.


UNMOUNT Before disconnecting an Android phone (unplugging the USB cord) from your computer, unmount it.

Unmount Android Phone 1

Save early, save often. Save now. Nothing is more frustrating than having several hours (or even several minutes) of work lost because you didn't save.

Systemback makes backing-up system and user configuration files easy. Make restore points to take a snapshot of your system at a particular point in time. Later you can use them to restore your “system back” to the way it was. Other GUI backup applications include Amanda, Back In Time or DejaDup.

Also see BackupYourSystem on the Ubuntu Community Help Wiki