When Removable Media (USB flash drive, CD, DVD, digital camera, phone, etc.) is inserted in the computer, a dialog box will appear asking what you'd like to do.

Removable Medium Audio CD

When choosing to open the removable media with an application, or open the removable media itself (to work with the files inside), you’ll be "mounting" whatever it is. Exceptions are when you’ll be writing to a CD or DVD, or (re-)formatting a USB drive. In those cases, you’ll want to chose Cancel.

Removable Medium USB Flash

Removable media should be unmounted before physically removing it from the computer. Click the "eject" symbol that appears to the right of the removable media's icon and wait a few seconds before physically removing it from the computer.

removable media phone

Alternatively; Right-click the removable media's icon in and select "Eject Removable Media" or "Unmount Volume" from the drop-down menu.

remove removable media

Save early, save often. Save now. Nothing is more frustrating than having several hours (or even several minutes) of work lost because you didn't save.

Systemback makes backing-up system and user configuration files easy. Make restore points to take a snapshot of your system at a particular point in time. Later you can use them to restore your “system back” to the way it was. Other GUI backup applications include Amanda, Back In Time or DejaDup.

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