Once the printer itself is plugged-in, connected to the computer and/or network, has paper in it and is powered-on; go to Menu --> System Tools --> Printers

+ Add Printer

Click the "+ Add" button and let Lubuntu recognize the signal from the printer.

Searching for Drivers

Choose your Printer's Manufacturer and click the "Forward" button.

Select the "(recommended)" driver from Foomatic's large database. You may also choose to use a PPD (PostScript Printer Description) file you found yourself, and/or search for another driver.

Choose the printer/model and click the "Forward" button. You might not find your exact printer model; but many times choosing one close, or in the same series will be good enough. If things don't work as well as they should, you can always delete the printer later and start over with a different driver/PPD file.

Describe the printer. The "human-readable" text is whatever will make you / your family / your lab / office personnel
recognize this printer and it's location. Click "Apply."

You will be asked if you'd like to print a test page.
Right-click the icon of the printer and choose "Default Printer" from the drop-down menu. This will have been done for you if it's the only or first printer installed.

The emblem of a green circle with a white checkmark inside will appear on the icon indicating this printer is "Default." This means you won't have to specifically choose this printer from a list every time you print.

Right-click the printer icon and choose "Properties" from the drop-down menu to make changes to the configuration. You may also choose to delete the printer and start over. You may have to do that anyway for changes to take effect.

Also check that you (the user) is allowed to configure printers:

Go to Menu --> System Tools --> Users and Groups
Click the "Advanced Settings" button
Select the "User Priv
ileges" tab
Ensure the "Configure Printers" checkbox is checked

Ensure the user is a member of the lpadmin group
Still in
Users and Groups
Click the "Manage Groups" button
Ensure "lpadmin" appears in the list.
If it doesn't; click the "Add" button and add it.