Google Chrome
Video subscription services Amazon Video, Netflix , Parables and PURE FLIX can be streamed to or, through your computer (to a television) via Firefox. But, some or even all of these may work better in Chrome (64-bit computers only). Warning: Chrome bypasses /etc/hosts whitelisting, allowing unrestricted Internet access. To stream in Firefox, see Watch in Firefox at the end of each services' description.

Install Google Chrome

Download Chrome

Go to Google to download Chrome

Download deb file

Choose the 64-bit .deb file, open with GDebi and install

Open with GDebi

Open a video streaming service (Amazon Video, Netflix, Parables or PURE FLIX) from within Chrome

Create Chrome Shortcut

Go to Tools --> More Tools --> Add to desktop...

Make Shortcut

We suggest checking the Open as window check box for more natural television style viewing. We also suggest shortening the title(s) to "Amazon Video," "Netflix," "Parables," or "Pure Flix," respectively.

Pure Flix shortcut on the Desktop

Not only will the shortcut you just added appear on the Desktop, but it will also be automatically added to a new (non-matching) Chrome Apps sub-menu.

Chrome Apps

Default Browser
Google Chrome “takes over” as the default web browser even when you ask it not to. To revert (back) to Firefox as the default, go to Menu --> System Tools --> LXTerminal or [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[T] and type:
sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser
Type: 1 [Enter]
The number is whatever number is listed to the left of Firefox. It could be a
different number depending on which and how many browsers you've installed.

Amazon Video
Amazon Prime Video features streaming movies and television shows (and many offers to buy) for $99 a year and requires a 1 year membership. Amazon Prime Video also includes a music streaming service with playlists, unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Cloud Drive and accounts may be shared with friends and family. Check out Amazon Prime Video : Movies & TV : Faith & Spirituality : Christianity. Watch in Firefox: see Apauls' How to Watch Amazon Prime Videos with Firefox in Ubuntu. Download a Shortcut that will open Amazon Video in Firefox.

Netflix is the pioneer in paid video streaming and offers the largest video library. It also has the best parental controls compared to the other streaming services that need them. Basic, unlimited video streaming service costs $7.99 a month for one screen, $9.99 a month for two and $11.99 for four screens. See netflixcodes.me for a full list of genres and if already a Netflix subscriber, see Faith & SpiritualityWatch in Firefox: see Netflix Finally Adds Support for Firefox on Linux on OMG! Ubuntu! Download a Shortcut that will open Netflix in Firefox.

Parables is a Christian live television network that also features on demand movies, series, documentaries, children's programming, original productions and more. The least expensive of the streaming services listed here also has the largest library of Christian and family entertainment. No need for Parental Controls. Stream Parables for $5.99 a month, $15.99 quarterly, or $57.99 a year. Watch in Firefox: install HAL and enable DRMDownload a Shortcut that will open Parables in Firefox.

Pure Flix
PURE FLIX features Christian and family movies, animation, documentaries, education, health & fitness and more for $10.99 a month or $99.99 a year for simultaneous streaming on up to five screens. Pure Flix is a movie studio in their own right that produces, acquires and distributes Christian content. And, like Parables, there is no need for Parental Controls. Watch in Firefox: install HAL and enable DRM. Download a Shortcut that opens Pure Flix in Firefox.


Christian Cinema
Christian Cinema

The Dove Channel
The Dove Channel

UP Faith & Family
UP Faith & Family

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